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SBRA membership is open to companies and organizations involved with systems building of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Anyone interested in the development, evaluation and demonstration of innovative techniques for designing, constructing and delivering factory built structures can apply for SBRA membership.

SBRA is governed by a eleven-member Board of Directors. Only SBRA Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Membership is divided into four classes based on the applicant's field of work.

To become a member of the SBRA, complete the form below and mail along with a check for first year dues. Checks should be made payable to the Systems Building Research Alliance and sent to: 1776 Broadway, Suite 1250, New York, NY 10019.

SBRA Membership Application Form


Membership in SBRA provides an opportunity to leverage resources. Creating new products, technologies, and programs targeted to the systems building industry, members find their joint efforts are often the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. The ability to rapidly innovate by bringing technological advances into the factory is a tool that the systems building industry alone possesses, providing a competitive edge over less industrialized methods of construction. Advances in technology lead to higher quality products, increase the industry's visibility, and promote its efficiency, value and affordability. SBRA also provides a forum for communication. It is an effective platform for sharing views, for making connections and for participating in cutting edge developments. In an increasingly competitive business environment, membership in SBRA is the single best way to keep abreast of developments that can alter the systems building landscape.

  • Participate in research projects. Collaborate with companies involved in all aspects of factory building on cutting-edge research and development.
  • Shape the direction of research. All members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, serve on project steering committees and participate in semi-annual roundtable discussions of research accomplishments and future needs.
  • Receive support and information related to participation in current projects and programs, such as ENERGY STAR.
  • Receive significant member discounts. Members receive reduced rates on ENERGY STAR program Quality Assurance label fees; SBRA publications, including design and construction guidelines, research reports and technical papers; and project-related marketing and promotional materials.
  • Receive quarterly updates on research trends, project results and program accomplishments via email.
  • Gain access to the "Members Only" section of the web site to download free copies of SBRA guides, research reports and technical papers.
  • Receive industry recognition for leadership in ENERGY STAR programs.

Research is conducted in a collaborative manner with member companies playing an active role in identifying and overseeing all research. Spearheading cooperation among otherwise competing companies to move the entire systems building industry forward is a key factor in SBRA's success in accelerating innovation.

Experience has shown that collaboration in which companies and individuals are active participants in the research process is the most effective formula for accelerating innovation and creating practical and marketable technologies.

First, SBRA members decide on the projects to be conducted. As an SBRA member, you sit at the same table with industry leaders who are potential partners and strategic allies. You help define which projects will yield the greatest benefits.

Second, SBRA members participate in the actual work. One of our main goals is to test new concepts with demonstration programs and pilots. Only members can participate in these innovative new programs, gaining valuable, first-hand experience.

Third, SBRA members have priority access to the cutting edge results, getting high-quality and accurate information first. That's a critical advantage in this industry, where being two months behind means you're left in the dust.

Fourth, every dollar spent on membership is matched by other member dollars and outside funding, including grants from public and private sector agencies. SBRA views itself as an extension of your business, protecting your interest in a wide range of issues.

In other words, joining SBRA is one of the best investments you can make in your own business now and for the future.