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The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) was founded in 1998 with the realization that despite the importance of the housing industry to the American economy, there was little investment in new residential building technologies. As such, the mission of PATH is to improve the development, dissemination, and use of new technologies in housing.

PATH, which includes public and private participation from many diverse parts of the home-building community, received its first Congressional funding in 2000 and has continued to receive wide support in all sectors of the federal government.

Over this period, PATH has become a major SBRA partner, supporting many important factory built housing research initiatives such as the Steel Framing, Single-Family Attached Housing and Foundation Guide projects. These projects, and others like them, help traditionally disparate segments of the housing industry come together to reach common goals.

SBRA has developed a PATH Roadmap to outline research activities that will grow our involvement as a PATH partner and provide a strategy for accomplishing important industry goals.

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