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Technical and marketplace issues, which can impact the quality, acceptance and affordability of factory built housing, serve as the basis for all of SBRA's investigations. Projects are organized into the following areas:

Construction and Manufacturing Technologies
Seeking to identify better design and construction practices, SBRA conducts a broad range of studies and product development projects. Examples include high performance structural systems, longevity and durability of adhesives and sealants, reduction in the amount of construction waste, and design and demonstration of home automation systems.
Projects in this area include:
ADS Plant Diagnostics

Duct Systems Guide

Frost Free Foundation Design

Longevity and Performance of Construction Adhesives and Sealants

Steel Framing

Energy Efficiency and Green Building
SBRA undertakes projects to unearth practical and cost-effective approaches to reducing home energy use. Among these efforts are innovations in building envelope systems, methods for providing efficient air distribution systems and programs to promote the use of high performance appliances.
Projects in this area include:

CertifiedGreen for Factory Built Homes

Energy Star for Factory Built Homes

Equipment Sizing

Structural Insulated Panels

Health and Safety
Helping industry provide safe and healthy living environments is central to SBRA mission. Projects include evaluating the impact of after-market products on indoor air quality and moisture condensation, effective ventilation strategies and the proper design and installation of vapor barriers.
Projects in this area include:

Fuel Switching

Moisture Guide

Moisture Field Study

Measured Permeance Values

Attic Design Strategies

Whole House Ventilation Strategies


New Markets
Industry growth will occur partly through the adaptation of factory built home designs for new applications. SBRA-sponsored research will eliminate barriers to the use of HUD-code homes in urban settings, merge factory built homes with site built components developing hybrid designs, and create designs that serve emerging niche markets, such as assisted living for seniors.
Projects in this area include:
Single Family Attached

Seeking to assure that finished homes have the same high quality as when they left the plant, SBRA is redoubling its efforts in the area of site installation. Some project topics include improved foundation and anchoring system design and installation practices, guidelines for proper home setup and research into the techniques for mitigating the damage that can be caused by hurricanes and earthquakes.
Projects in this area include:
Model Installation Manual

Foundation Guide

Anchoring Systems

FEMA Foundations