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Model Manufacturer's Installation Manual

Systems Building Research Alliance (SBRA) developed a Model Manufacturer's Installation Manual (Manual) for HUD-code homes. The Manual is a template that any manufacturer can take and modify to fit their design and construction practices. In developing the Manual, SBRA worked closely with a group of manufacturers, installers and other industry experts.

The Manual provides a consistent format, making it easier for installers to use multiple manuals, and it provides a consistent base for installer training. It is available electronically to permit individual manufactures to tailor the installation instructions to their own designs and practices.

The Manual is available free of charge to any manufacturer of HUD-code homes. Customization support services are available for a fee by contacting SBRA (see below).

Some state and local programs that provide incentives for Energy Star construction may have additional construction and/or procedural requirements that exceed this national program.

To use the Manual, manufacturers must complete and submit the Model Manufacturer's Installation Manual Acceptance and Registration Form. After this form is received, SBRA will issue a permission letter and instructions to download the editable version of the Manual, AutoCAD drawings and Model Manufacturer's Installation Manual User's Guide.


For additional information and customization services, please contact:

Jordan Dentz
Systems Building Research Alliance
1776 Broadway, Suite 1250
New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 496-0900 x130
Fax: (212) 496-5389

To access the editable version of the Model Manufacturer's Installation Manual, please enter the password below.

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