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Manufactured Housing Energy Performance Roadmap


Factory Built Housing Roadmap
(Including Recommendations for Energy Research)

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To expand and reshape the Manufactured Housing Technology Roadmap by overlaying a comprehensive plan for improving manufactured home energy performance. The plan will be based on an ambitious set of goals for future home performance; targets that will set the standard for residential energy efficiency. The product of this effort will be a prioritized list of research that will further the energy efficiency goals of the US Department of Energy, the PATH program and the factory built housing industry.

Work on developing the Technology Roadmap for manufactured housing was started in FY2001 with the forming of a Manufactured Housing Roadmap Oversight Committee. The Committee developed a summary document containing five primary areas of research activity: the Home, the Factory, the Site, the Market and the Consumer. The five major areas contain a total of fifteen research topic sub areas that together provide a robust framework for identifying and organizing future research.

The current Roadmap is an overarching document containing a broad discussion of research directions. Moving the Roadmap forward to a point where there is sufficient guidance on individual projects that would advance PATH goals requires industry consensus on major research thrusts in each of the fifteen sub areas discussed in the Roadmap. The resulting document will guide manufactured housing research over the next five to 10 years. Subcommittees of the Roadmapping Committee are being formed to develop research recommendations in each of the five areas.

The current Roadmap recognizes the importance of continually improving energy performance but takes an incremental approach to accomplishing this goal. The proposed effort would seek to accelerate the pace of energy innovation by setting short- and medium-term reach goals that require a more ambitious and dynamic research development process. To facilitate this process, a sixth Roadmap subcommittee will be convened responsible for investigation and recommending approaches to improving energy performance of factory built housing (HUD-code and modular). The recommendations of this subcommittee are expected to span all five Roadmap areas. This process will be informed by leading researchers and building scientists working on cutting edge energy efficiency technologies with possible application to factory built housing.

Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing
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Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing 2
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