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  Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing
The Technology Roadmap outlines five topic areas on which MHRA and its partners will focus to capitalize on current challenges and opportunities. The document includes a definition of challenges faced by the industry that represent a distillation of the key societal, economic and demographic forces that will impact the future of housing. Each chapter culminates with an R&D plan aimed at harnessing the power of technology to dramatically move the manufactured housing industry forward.
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  Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing Phase 2
The objective of this project is to expand the current Technology Roadmap for Manufactured Housing by defining a series of specific research and development projects that will achieve the goals of the Roadmap. These ideas will form the basis of funding for industry research and development projects in the coming years. The projects fall under one of five categories: the home, factory, consumer, market and home site.

Over the last year, a working group of industry leaders and MHRA has begun drafting the expanded Roadmap. The draft will be posted here in mid-to-late August. Comments, suggestions and recommendations on the technology roadmap will be taken starting when the draft is posted. Your opinions will be compiled with others and a final Technology Roadmap will be released in the fall.
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  Manufactured Housing Energy Performance Roadmap
The objective of this project is to expand and reshape the Manufactured Housing Technology Roadmap by overlaying a comprehensive plan for improving manufactured home energy performance. The plan will be based on an ambitious set of goals for future home performance; targets that will set the standard for residential energy efficiency. The product of this effort will be a prioritized list of research that will further the energy efficiency goals of the US Department of Energy, the PATH program and the factory built housing industry.
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