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ENERGY STAR Promotional Tools

  Marketing is telling your story, and ENERGY STAR is a great story – better performing homes that cost less to own. Unless you tell your story, you give it away. A number of tools are available to help, but plants and retailers will need to implement their own marketing solutions.

Available from SBRA
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PowerPoint Presentation (2 MB)
What every retailer needs to know about ENERGY STAR. Suitable for training and other group presentations. *FREE*

Ten minute DVD featuring ENERGY STAR homebuyer endorsements.

Other marketing and promotional items and information

ENERGY STAR Qualified Home Fact Sheets
ENERGY STAR for Homes has also developed a series of fact sheets that explain the benefits of various ENERGY STAR qualified home design features including:
• Tight Construction (Reduced Air Infiltration)
• Tight Ducts
• Improved Insulation
• High Performance Windows
• Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Equipment

  Listing on the ENERGY STAR Partner Locator
All active ENERGY STAR Partners are listed on a state-specific, national online directory where homebuyers can find retailers selling ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes.

   Other Incentive Programs
Your state energy office or local electric utility may also provide incentives and/or rebates for sellers or purchasers of ENERGY STAR qualified homes. Visit ENERGY STAR's Partner Locator Tool on the Web for a list of state and utility partners and their incentive programs.

 Additional information

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