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ENERGY STAR for Retailers and Installers
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Telling the ENERGY STAR Story

 Energy Star Qualified Manufactured Homes: Guide for Retailers With Instructions for Installers and HVAC Contractors

 Becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner

 Ordering and installing ENERGY STAR qualified homes

 Promotional tools

 Comparison of energy costs

 Additional information


 Telling the ENERGY STAR Story

At least six reasons establish why a retailer should offer, promote and sell ENERGY STAR qualified homes and why a customer should buy one:
  1. Lower Operating Costs. ENERGY STAR qualified homes — because they are highly energy efficient — have lower monthly operating costs. This can reduce a homeowner's monthly out-of-pocket expenses and potentially increase the resale value of a home.

  2. Customer Satisfaction. The efficiency measures built into an ENERGY STAR qualified home have other benefits that increase customer satisfaction. They are typically more comfortable, durable, quiet, environmentally friendly and have superior moisture control compared to non-ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

  3. Parity with Site Built. Because there is a single ENERGY STAR label covering all types of housing, the program offers another opportunity for a manufactured housing retailer to demonstrate parity with or superiority to site-built competitors.

  4. Third-party Verified. ENERGY STAR is third-party verified. An EPA-authorized independent agent verifies the manufacturer's energy efficient design and compliance with ENERGY STAR construction requirements.

  5. Government Backed. The ENERGY STAR label can be a powerful sales tool. ENERGY STAR is a nationally recognized brand, backed and promoted by two federal agencies (US EPA and US DOE).

  6. Advanced Technology. ENERGY STAR qualified homes incorporate advanced technologies into their construction that have been demonstrated to reduce energy usage and expenditure.

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 Energy Star Qualified Manufactured Homes: Guide for Retailers
With Instructions for Installers and HVAC Contractors

Excellence in Design, Manufacturing and Installation Series

This Guide was developed for the manufactured housing industry to provide information necessary to promote, specify, purchase, install and label homes that comply with ENERGY STAR guidelines.

Download the manual here


Becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner

Becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner is simple and free. By becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner, a retailer will be entitled to a number of benefits:

Benefits of becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner include:

  • Listing in the Partner Locator on the ENERGY STAR website

  • Recognition by EPA for sales of ENERGY STAR qualified homes

  • Access to partner-only ENERGY STAR logos for use in marketing

  • The right to display the ENERGY STAR Partner plaque (available from SBRA)

To register as an ENERGY STAR retailer partner, complete the ENERGY STAR PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT online. Becoming a partner is encouraged, but not required, to sell ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes.

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  Ordering and installing ENERGY STAR qualified homes

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print pdf files.

Manufacturers, retailers and site contractors each have an important role to play in the successful sale and completion of ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes.

Step 1: Locate a source for ENERGY STAR qualified homes

Many manufactured home plants are qualified to produce ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes. Contact your manufacturer's representative for details or check the list of Certified Plants.

Step 2: Specify and order ENERGY STAR qualified homes

 Check with the manufacturer for specific ordering procedures. Make sure to specify a home manufactured to comply with ENERGY STAR requirements.

Step 3: Complete the Site Installation Checklist

 A Site Installation Checklist is provided by the manufacturer with each ENERGY STAR qualified home. The manufacturer will designate a representative who is responsible for ensuring that the site installation checklist is properly completed, signed and returned to the plant.

Step 4: Affix the ENERGY STAR Label and the Quality Assurance Label

 Every ENERGY STAR qualified home must have an EPA-issued ENERGY STAR qualified home label and a Quality Assurance Provider label affixed to it. The EPA label functions as a certification mark for compliance with EPA energy efficiency requirements. The Quality Assurance Provider label certifies that the home was built and installed under the provider’s quality assurance program.

SBRA quality assurance label


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 Comparison of Energy Costs

Following is a comparison of annual energy costs for ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes and non-ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes. The comparison is an approximation of the average annual savings an ENERGY STAR homeowner can expect compared to an otherwise identical non-ENERGY STAR qualified home in the same location.
Annual savings with ENERGY STAR
Monthly savings with ENERGY STAR
Kansas City, MO¹
Lubbock, TX²
Binghamton, NY³
¹ Natural gas heated double section home with electric water heating
² All electric single section home
³ Propane heated home with electric water heating

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 Additional information

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